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At Coconino Game Processing, Inc. we offer Boneless meat processing.  Your game will be processed to order--thickness of steaks, amount to be packaged, roast sizes, etc.  We suggest the package size be per number of household members and ground meat sized from 1 to 2 lb packages.  We process one animal at a time from steaks, roast and grind to ensure that each customer receives the same animal that he or she has brought to us.

Boneless meats include your prime cuts - New Yorks, Ribeyes, Sirloins, Tenderloins (left whole unless otherwise instructed), Round Steaks (Bottom, Eye, Top), Sirloin Tips (whole or cut into steaks), Chucks cut into roasts, steaks and stew meat.  Boneless meat has 40% to 50% loss from the hanging weight. 

***We suggest that game animals are boneless, allowing more freezer space.


Wrapping, Labeling and Freezing

All bloodshot and damage caused by bullets or broadheads will be cleaned and trimmed as best as possible.  Meat will be wrapped in commercial grade freezer wrap.  All packages will be labeled with the type of cuts, date of processing and type of wild game.  After wrapping, packages are frozen.


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