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Basic Cut

Prices are based on a Basic Cut. Basic cut consists of animals split down the middle. Half of the animal is cut into steaks, 2nd half is cut into roasts. Roast side consists of New Yorks, Ribeyes and Sirloin cut 3/4" thick for steaks. Wrapped 4 per package.

Special Cut

Special cut consists of tenderizing, sliced jerky, extra stew meat, extra hamburger, extra steak (no roasts), double wrap and wrapping for 1. Special cuts will be priced accordingly.

Price List

Prices are based on how the animal is brought into the shop. Prices are based on Basic Cut. Any change order
will be priced accordingly. All meat is processed as a boneless cut.


Under 100 lbs. (Whole animal) $ 1.25/lb*
Over 100 lbs (Whole animal) $ 1.25/lb*
Boned Out (Received in pieces, game bags or coolers) $ 1.50/lb*

Elk, Buffalo, Bear, Mt. Lion

Whole animal $ 1.25/lb*
Boned Out (Received in pieces, game bags or coolers, boned out) $ 1.50/lb*

($125 Minimum Processing)

Bulk Sausage

Chorizo, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Andouille, Country Breakfast  $20.00 / 10lbs(10lb min)

Cased Sausage

Andouille, Bratwurst, Habanero Green Chili,
Hot or Mild Italian, Kielbasa (Polish)
$20.00/5 lbs
5 lbs min

Summer Sausage / Smoked Meats

Summer Sausage $20.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Hard Salami $20.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)
Jalapeno Cheese Summer $25.00 5 lbs (5 lb min.)


Southwest, Peppered or Teriyaki $18.00/lb (Dried Weight)

(Jerky requires 3lbs of meat to make 1lb dried jerky)

Pepperoni Sticks $18.00/lb
Jalapeno Cheese Sticks $20.00/lb

Skinning Fees: Deer $55.00(Cape Extra)
Elk   $85.00 (Cape Extra)
Buffalo $100.00 (Cape Extra)

All Prices Subject to Change

Sausage is made in house and is Satisfaction Guaranteed

*Basic cut, additional charge for special requests.
(Prices are based on hanging weight.)

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